Snowline Products, Store & Advertising Campaign

In this project, I have made logo (snowline) logo works, snowboard designs, ski covers, posters, megaboard, web interfaces (entrance, board link, overalls link) advertising film, internal store and external store designs.
The project is aimed at users between the ages of 10 and 35. It is aimed to love the designs of the scene, to increase the snowboarding enthusiasm and to promote the Snowline brand.

Bu projede oluşturmuş olduğum markanın (Snowline); logo çalışmaları, snowboard tasarımları, kayak tulumları, afişler, megaboard, webarayüz, reklam filmi, store tasarımları yapılmıştır.

Proje 10-35 yaşları arasındaki kullanıcılara yöneliktir. Markanın tasarımlarını sevdirmek, snowboard tutkusunu arttırmak ve Snowline markasını tanıtmak amaçlanmıştır.

Snowline Video Presantation


Snowline Co.




Website, Logo, Poster, Billboard Snowboard and Clothing Designs


Snowline enthusiasm and freedom form


I have created the snowboard that I used the board’s lines. In the typography I designed in the alternative logos, I used this logotype to create the logos to be used for marking.

“I went to typography mainly in alternative log which I made. I made experiments by throwing the graphics on the second plan.”

snowboard creative logo tasarımı


On the outside of the store, I aimed to draw in the inside by seeing the stylish designs of people looking from the outside by putting overalls and boards in the windows. I set the signboard on the top of the store entrance door to provide a stylish and modern look. I put one of the boards on the bottom of the two vitrine large. At the bottom, I added the slogan ” for you ” to make the customer feel special.


I used the back of the board in different sizes because I knew that the typography had a strong effect on the board. On the front, I wanted to draw all the attention using the logome in a big way.

snowboard concept tasarımı


When I was doing clothes design, I tried to design it by identifying it with the board designs that I had done.

snowboard concept tasarımı

Web Design

On the entrance page, I used the frame in the shootings I made in Kartalkaya as a theme. On top of that, I placed my brand logo on top using the “carbon fiber” background known for its lightness, strength and lightness. My purpose here is; Snowline boards are as solid and light as carbon fiber. The play icon on the left side is used to enter the site.


” Fly with snowline ”; If the SnowLine brand is preferred, it will not recognize the limits of what it can do.